Cubase AI 9.5 - Export Halion MIDI as audio


I’m new to Cubase and got the AI Version with my Steinberg interface. I have a question about exporting MIDI sounds as audio. I imported a MIDI file and play it with Halion. I want now to export it as WAV or MP3. I tried a couple of things but i couldn’t export it. I read about a function render-to-file, but it seems that this function is only available in Artist or Pro version of Cubase. So I tried to route the MIDI output to an audio track, but the audio track does not accept the output from the MIDI track as an input (I also created new busses). Is this also only available in the Pro version?
Is there any way to export MIDI sounds (which are played with Halion) as audio with the AI version of Cubase?

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Set the Left and Right Locators, and use File > Export > Audio Mixdown.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work. I think it’s because the tracks are MIDI and are played through Halion. Is there some way to convert these to audio tracks?


What do you get if you do so?

All plug-in instruments (VSTi) are exported this way. If you are using Instrument track, the “Audio track” (correct is “Audio Return Channel”) is part of the Instrument track. An Input of the Instrument tracks is MIDI data, the output is and Audio signal.

If you are using multi-outs of the Instrument track, dedicated Audio Return Channels are created by Cubase. In the Project window, you can see them as an automation lanes. In the MixConsole, you get dedicated Channels.

If you are using Instrument Racks, dedicated Audio Return Channels are created.

Could you make a screenshot of the Export > Audio Mixdown window, please?

Sure. And sorry for the confusion. I wrote that I am using MIDI tracks but actually they are instrument tracks. Sorry, I’m a total noob at this.
I added a instrument track (drums) and drag and dropped a MIDI file on this track. It plays fine but when I export it, I don’t hear anything.

This settings seems to be OK. Could you share your project screenshot, please?



I the track is named Drums and you are using HALion, not Grove Agent. But if you just load it from MIDI, then it’s OK.

Can I ask for another screenshot, please? Open HALion Sonic SE. How does it look like here?

Of course:


Again, everything seems to be OK. Could you click to the “e” button in HALion to see more?

Maybe to speed it up… Could you make and share a video of the whole process?


I am havong the same problem. In the project I have audio recordings and other midi instruments, and the only one not working is the Halion VST.

Just writing to see if the OP had found the problem.