cubase AI 9.5 TO AI 10.5 ugrade how?

:question: Hi,
I have cubase AI 9.5 which came with my UR22 M2 USB audio interface, how do i upgrade to AI 10.5 as i can not find up grade files?

I have also noted that some ofnthe files day cubase LE, AI ELEMENTS all ihn one file so its confusing to know which is the correct one?

Usually you don´t, since it´s a OEM version, you have to go to elements version

The installer is the same for theses 3 versions, the license key determines, which version / features are started.

The problem i have is that the licesence code io witch came with UR22 is for CUBASE AI9.5 and if i do a full intall of cubase AI 10.5 the eliesence will not acept the code or up date it.
So the problem is I need a valid code to down load the up graded licesene when executing the upgraded cubase AI 10.5 which i Know im eligable for.
I have put on a quirey on cubase support section

I noTe on the other reply post it mentions i have to go to the Elemensts verion, is this a free upgrde from cubase AI 9.5 ?
its qute strange as thre is a verson of Cubase AI 10.5

No, Elements is a paid upgrade.
And usually AI and LE versions can only be updated to Elements Versions, unless Steinberg have a promo action, which according to this article is the case, so you are entitled to an update to AI 10.5. have you followed the steps outlined there?

I have followed the steps outlined but i think the issue is that my download access code is only for AI 9.5 and its not allowing me to download a valid license for AI 10.5 which according to there website is a free upgrade?

No, a 9.5 license will not allow 10.5 to run. Then follow what it says on the site

If you cannot find the mail, please contact our support via the support form within your > MySteinberg account> .