Cubase AI 9.5 to Cubase 10 Elements

Hi there.
I have Cubase AI registered. It came with the audio interface ive purchased some time ago. I didnt istall Cubase until recently and i really like it. Almost every time i open the program i got a popup calling me to upgrade to Elements 9 for 50 Euros. But i think id like to upgrade to Elements 10. Is it still 50 or i have to buy Elements 9 with 50 euros and then upgrade to Elements 10 with 30 more?? One other thing.. if you updated Cubase to 10 shouldnt I be able to download Cubase AI 10 instead ? In my Steinberg account i still have the download link to AI 9.5.
Thanks in advance.

Go to the Steinberg site -> shop and choose Cubase elements 10 upgrade from AI.

Because you have not yet updated to elements 10

Because you have not yet updated to elements 10

I said i still have the download link for Cubase AI 9.5. My question was: shouldnt be Cubase **AI** 10 there.. not Elements. I wasnt expecting to have Elements if i didn`t buy it …

It`s just a link to Download Assistant actually…so never mind .

I can download Cubase AI 10 using Download Assistant.
So can I activate it with the AI 9.5 key ? I don`t think i can…can I ?
I thought that if it came free with the audio interface … then maybe the update is free either. Am I wrong ?
Ableton gave me the 10 update to Live Lite 9 (their free version that comes with some hardware pieces)… even though i never used that either.

No, you canˋt

Yes you are.

Ableton is Ableton and Steinberg is Steinberg.

Solved. Updated to the latest version for 10 bucks :slight_smile:)