Cubase AI 9 vs Cubase Artist 6.5

Due to lack of time, I have been away from home recording for a couple of years. At that time, I used Cubase Artist 6.5
However, last months I did pick up a Yamaha MX49 keyboard and a AG06 mixer and both those product came bundled with Cubase AI9. Now my dilemma is this. Should I continue using my old Cubase Artist 6.5 or should I use the AI version? I am aware of that the AI is more limited in terms of number of tracks effects, etc. On the other hand, I am sure I will miss out a number of new features if I continue using the old version. A third alternative would be to upgrade my AI version to LE or Artist, but I am not sure I really need that extra power. I normally do not record more than 10-12 of audio tracks.

Have you installed the newer AI9 and tried it yet? Then decide for yourself. Both can be installed on the same computer.