Cubase AI 9 vs Elements feature list?

Hey Y’all,

I currently have Cubase AI 9 and saw there is an upgrade option to Elements 9.
Is there a feature list comparison/spec sheet to see what the upgrade affords you?
For that matter, I’d love to see the same for just my AI 9 too!
Would be great if the comparison list for Pro/Artist/Elements included AI column so hardware owners could see where they are at and what upgrade path looks like by added features…

AI: Supports up to 48 MIDI, 16 instrument, 32 audio tracks, 8 group channels, 16 physical inputs, 28 effects, 2 instruments included.

Elements: 64 midi, 24 instrument, 48 audio tracks, 16 group channels, 24 physical inputs, 40 effects, 3 instruments included.

Thanks so much! That helps for sure.

Besides those general specs, does AI v9 have all the new features of Elements v9? GUI, tool sets, mixer options, editing options, routing, Mastering, export, etc?
Or, in other words, same minus the edition limitations listed above (tracks, instruments, busses, etc) ?
Wondering if there is other subtle differences too…

Where did you find those numbers? I’ve had no luck in my searches for them.

Update: Unless someone pipes in here to point out something different, It appears to me that Artist 9 would be a much more substantial gain for an update than Elements 9 from AI 9. Unless working on a project that only needs more inputs, busses, etc.

Yeah, AI and Elements have pretty much the same features except for the number of tracks/project and the amount of effects included. You need to jump to Artist to start seeing more advanced functions.

Steinberg’s page about AI:

And the comparison between Elements, Artist and Pro:

Thanks again Giovanni! I really appreciate you replying back with info and the links too!
I think I agree with your view on that. If going to upgrade when needed, wait a little longer for funds and do Artist!
Cool name btw, Italian right?
Loving my new AI 9’for now anyway! Was just curious. I’ll go check out those links now.

Cool info page on AI 9. I hadn’t seen that page yet! Thanks again!