Cubase AI and Cubase 6 Full dont play well together

I have cubase AI 6.0.7 installed on my PC laptop which I use for sketching ideas for taking to the studio where I have C6.5.4. (I don’t usually like to take my donlge outside the studio)

Yesterday, however, I decided to install Cubase 6.5.3 on the laptop. All went well.

Suddenly, when trying Cubase AI again it went throught the whole thing of registering all plugins as if it was a new install, or as if something had changed in my setup.

Now I have lost my cubase ASIO and Cubase generic drivers (which I sometimes used) and when I save a project it asks me if I want to overwrite the file or make a new one (as if it was a later version .cpr format) but stating that the old version and new version it’s trying to save are both Cubase 6.0.7!

Messed up… :confused:

Try deleting your preference files, the start the program that you want to be the dominant one.

Well, that was quite a nightmare.

I tried:
trashing all prefs in both programs
reinstall C6 AI – wouldnt let me
repair - no dice
uninstall C6 and C6 AI - A ‘Network string error’ wouldn’t let me
updating/removing license control center
System restore – but my resore points didn’t go back far enough
all manner of other things.

In the end I went for the lobotomy method – searched through the registry deleting anything to do with Cubase/Steinberg and deleted both C6 and C6 AI program folders

– and finally it let me reinstall C6 AI…

That all sounds a bit drastic.

Did you need to reinstall?

I tried everything I could think of. Unless anyone can offer any other tips then yes, I think my only option was to reinstall.

I could have written to Steinberg Tech Support but I didnt have a few days to wait.