Cubase AI and "ducking" sidechain compressor

Is anyone here familiar with some sort of VST that could do this? As I’m using this version of cubase there is no included compressor that could deal with this (as far as i know). So right now I’m looking to buy something solid that could do this “ducking” sidechain effect. Any tips or ideas?


IIRC, your version doesn’t support side-chaining whatsoever. Look to youtube as to how to achieve it the hard way.

I’ve been camping on youtube the last three days, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a successful way to do this on this Cubase Version. I’ve found a program who is supposed to work on previous Cubase versions, however I reach dead end when they ask me to make a “Quadro” group. I do not get that option what so ever in this version, in fact as far as I see it, it looks like I can only make one type of group (Please correct me if I’m wrong, because that would result in solving my problem).

Furthermore, all my “Cubase AI 5” searches, only get matches with the Cubase 5, of which have the included compressor. That’s why I seek answers on this forum, as I’m stuck in this glitch. Keep in mind I’ve checked the relevant manuals with no progress.

An answer would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:


No, cubase AI doesn´t have quadro channel capabilities. However, you can use stereo groups to sidechain mono signals the same way. And there are several plugins that have their own implementation of sidechainig. Twisted lemon sidekick would be one of those, which is (or at least was) freeware.

Thank you for a very fast reply! :slight_smile:
I should have mentioned I’m sitting on a mac and Twisted Lemon don’t support that. However I read up on it and an equivalent plugin for mac would be perfect.

I’ll continue my search! :wink:

After hours on google, I still haven’t been able to find a solution to this problem. If someone could perhaps explain, as there are no clips on youtube for my case…

Wraze: Lack of Sidechaining is another reason why I upgraded to CUBASE 6 from Le4.
LE versions seem to lack alot of things.
"THINKINGCAP and Mashedmitten both have
unique Idea’s for ya in the mean time.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: While using Cubase Le4 I once wanted Multiple Indivual out’s
for my VST Drums onto seperate tracks. Le4 didn’t do this. I figured out a way of doing this though.
There’s probably a way to achieve Sidechaining also
Thinkingcap had a great suggestion.
Remember “SGT. PEPPERS” was recorded on just 4-tracks HA HA HA :laughing:

Looks like I have to upgrade my Cubase Version…

lol :wink: