Cubase AI and LE - VST instruments


I’d like to know, what is the difference between Cubase AI 8 and LE 8 when it comes to launch “external” (not included with Cubase) VST instruments? I want to buy new audio interface and I decided to choose from two models, one of which comes with Cubase AI and second with LE. I’ve done some research through web and I understood, that in general there’s no problem to launch 3rd party VST plugins like effects, EQ etc. in both versions of Cubase and there’s also no problem to use 3rd party VST instruments in Cubase AI, but I’m not sure whether it’s possible in LE. My question comes from fact, that I didn’t have Cubase earlier and I’d like to still use some of my favourite VST instruments after switching to new DAW software.

I have AI9, and the manual suggests that LE9 does not support external VSTis…

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My old LE4 supported them and it looks like the LE9 version does too. Check the LE9 manual yourself here:

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