Cubase AI and Synthesizers - LIVE

Hi all,

Please forgive me if this is excessively remedial. I am a classical musician who has never touched a DAW or a midi controller and am unsure of how to even word my internet queries.

I am playing keyboard(Yamaha MoxF8) in a pit orchestra and the part calls for numerous patches and a little bit of mapping. The switches also happen instantaneously at some points; so my 0 years of experience tells me to run the keyboard into my mac and through Cubase. A couple of questions-

Is there a much better way of going about this?

If this is the way, can you provide any online resources for someone of no experience just to get the patches in order?

If this is the way, will the sound output from the DAW reflect the same character(dynamics, articulation, etc.) as if just using the native patches on the synthesizer?

Many thanks for your help.

Well my 0 years of pit playing causes me to ask why do you want to do this? While it is possible, it will substantially complicate your entire setup and create several new points of potential failure. While I don’t understanding the specifics of your situation, in general having a good sounding stand alone Keyboard would be both simpler and more reliable. So is there a specific issue you want to address by introducing Cubase into the mix?

By “sound output” I assume you mean the sound produced by Virtual Instruments (VSTi’s) within Cubase. The answer is both yes & no. The actual sounds produced by your keyboard and the VSTi’s are entirely independant from each other. However you could select the sounds the VSTi’s are playing so they match the sounds on your keyboard (sorta close, but not exactly) - so you can get to “yes” but mostly through brute force.

As a little thought experiment - imagine the look on your conductor’s face as he wonders why he can’t hear your part, while you are wondering why the computer crashed and doesn’t seem to want to boot.