Cubase AI - cloning PC with more than one licence

i have 20 new laptops, I am making 1 laptop image and then I will clone it to others, is it possible to install 20 Cubase AI licenses to this laptop and clone it? Will it work? Or is there some easy way to do it than writing one licences per one computer?

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You can install it and clone it. But the activation has to be done individually.

And what about eLicenser? Should I add activation code one license per one PC or add to the first PC all licences and then clone the PC??

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Clone the computer before entering the Activation Code. Actually I would do it before installing eLCC application. You wild need unique Soft-eLicenser Number. If you would clone the computer work existing eLCC already, you would need to install the eLCC Helper to every computer manually, to generate the unique Soft-eLicenser Number and then enter the Activation Code.

So install just Cubase. Make sure, eLCC is not installed with Cubase. Then Cline the computer. Then install eLCC to every single computer and enter the Activation Code manually.

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