Cubase AI crashing

I recently got a UR44 interface, which came with Cubase AI7. I am a Logic user, but I also like learning new software and tools so I thought I’d give this DAW a go. Sadly it crashes all the time. At one point it even caused problems with Core Audio in other apps. I ended up removing it from the computer and everything went back to normal.

As I said, I don’t need Cubase, but I’d love to learn to use it. Though Logic is my primary DAW I also dabble in Live and a couple others.

My computer specs are as follows:

2013 Macbook Pro Retina
2.3 ghz i7 quad core
16gb of ram
500gb solid state drive
nVidia 750m gpu

I would think that this would be a sufficient machine for what is basically a sample version of Cubase. I have no issues with other DAWs or other pro apps.

One thing I noticed is that Cubase for Mac seems to be 32bit and my system is 64bit. Could this be the issue?

If anyone has ideas or tips I’d love to hear them.

It’s certainly not an issue of your computer not having the CPU power to run Cubase.

One thing to change is to run Cubase in 64 bit , as you surmised. Get info on the Cubase app and untick the box “Open in 32 bit Mode”

How did you remove it? Simply trashing the app or uninstaller?

I couldn’t find an uninstaller so I trashed it.

I have reinstalled it and set it to 64bit mode. Haven’t had time to do much, but it isn’t giving me error messages or crashing yet so hopefully that fixes it.

Thanks for the reply.

Just a note- Deleting an app from the applications folder makes no changes to the system, so if there were problems with Core Audio in other apps, deleting Cubase (or setting it to 64 bit) didn’t fix that.

True. I did notice at that same time period that the Yamaha Steinberg driver was not the most current, even though I had run the latest installer, and got that updated. Not sure what was going on under the hood, but I was getting crackling, popping, and horrible latency, all of which I had not experienced before. Today I am not having any problems and Cubase is working just fine.

I am finding it really difficult to wrap my head around Cubase so I’ll have to delve into some tutorials.

Have fun. Post a thread if you have questions, there are many knowledgeable people here.