Cubase Ai disapperaed from My Product page

So I registered my Cubase AI which came with the UR22 I just purchased, and for some reason, the eLicenser doesn’t work. I registered the Cubase AI on it and it will just keep asking me to register it when I click to open it. I reinstalled my system and tried to register the eLicenser again. According to the website, it said it will send me a new activation code for the software. I checked my email and I received one with NO code provided in it, just blank under “Dear Steinberg customer, Please find below the Activation Code(s) you have just requested:”. I checked again on my product page and everything disappeared. I entered the code that came with my UR22 and the system will just keep sending me the old activation code for Cubase AI which is already used. I know it is really complicated but is there any solution to this? :frowning:

Thank you.

Try following this knowledge base article…

Regards :sunglasses: