Cubase ai elements 12 freezes on start up

Problem with Steinberg UR22MKII, Tried everything for the past 3 days solid
Guys help pls! my project is dead not working…
Cubase AI 64bit 2023.9.25 (812,4 КБ)

Ok, I am confused…
How do you know the problem is with your audio interface?
And what do you mean “is dead not working” since it is not opening as your title suggests?
You have to be more specific. Please describe in full.

If the problem is that it freezes on startup then…
Have you tried resetting your preferences?


I apologize my friend. The thing is that English is not my native language. Now I’m using a translator to explain to you what’s going on. In general, the program freezes, then I close it through the taskbar and open it again, and this window opens, which you showed in your screenshot. Yes, I can run the program by selecting the “Disable all settings” option. Help me please, because I attached the crash file

Cubase AI 64bit 2023.3.12 (776,6 КБ)

I have now seen you posted this on another topic too and you already got the answer that it is the windows audio driver’s issue according to your crashdump

The problem isnt solved Mister! after restarting program i should again put this midi port and button aply isnt working. And program still freezes with settings i can in on it only without settings … My god i didnt change anything it was ok, and now its freezes…
and i answered to the helper that its not working…
If can joing to my PC from outside will be cool…

Sorry I can’t help you, I never had a similar issue with this driver. Maybe someone else had a problem with this audio driver and can chime in.
I believe you should start searching online for issues and solutions regarding Windows Audio driver wdmaud.drv and try doing the same to see if this works for you.

Please update Cubase AI to the latest version 12.0.70.
Let us know if that helped.

well program has been reinstalled (not updated) ur updater working like that. Now its works.
Now another problem came up, I thought that since the settings were not loading, that’s why my track was not working correctly, but the track was distorted, the drums were at a normal tempo, and the guitars and bass seemed to have slowed down and stuck… Lord, how many beautiful words were there when purchasing about the quality of the program, and in fact, this is a fraud with a raw product. Sincerely, Marat ABirov

Glad to hear the freezes stopped for now.
Unfortunately you describe the new issues in a way that nobody will be able to help you. We are not sitting in front of your screen at your side.
Maybe a screenshot would help and then some better description of what is actually happening.

i solved problem no idea how…