Cubase AI, Groove Agent SE file location issues


I bought a UR22C as I needed a new audio interface, but was also excited to get Cubase AI 12 and try things out ahead of a potential purchase of Cubase Artist. I’m on Windows 10. Everything’s worked great until I began downloading HALion Sonic SE 3.5.10, Groove Agent SE 5, and all the related content.

My issue is that Steinberg appears to be installing files all over the place, not just in the target folder specified when using Steinberg Download Assistant. Moreover, some files are on my system and available using Cubase AI, but when I open Groove Agent SE directly there are no kits to be found.

As an example, in Steinberg Library Manager, I can see that The Kit SE ‘The Kit SE Samples’ somehow got placed in C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound

Does anyone know - is the movement of files to this folder a default action that occurs after downloading via Steinberg Download Assistant (i.e. it’s different than the target folder)?

With regards to The Kit SE, Cubase AI can find it just fine via the Media Tab, VST Instruments, etc., but if I open Groove Agent SE5 on it’s own, there’s literally nothing in there. This is what it looks like after I click the arrow beside ‘Kit 1’:

An important caveat though; when I make a track of one of The Kit SE sounds and click ‘Edit Instrument’, Groove Agent SE5 opens nicely with this kit.

So, why does Cubase AI find these kits and sounds etc. but Groove Agent SE5 does not?

Also, is there anyway to make sure all apps (Cubase, Groove Agent, HALion Sonic) abide by the file locations specified in Library Manager?

I’d appreciate any help on any of these points.