Cubase AI Help *Mic Playback Issue*

Im using my newly purchased ur44 with my bluebird mic hooked up to my hp with windows 8. When I turn my audio interface on I can hear myself fine but soon as I open Cubase I can only hear myself threw one side of my headphones. Its not my headphones because like I said I can hear myself threw both sides prior to opening Cubase and while in Cubase, say if I track a beat into a project, I can hear the track being played threw both speakers. its just the input from my voice going into the mic. the db meter for my vocal only shows one side active as well. When Cubase first opened it asked me about some mapping options that I left alone and checked do not asked me again then I noticed the change. I think it might be linked to that(have no idea how to get back to mapping options to check). this is my second day using this software and the first day I was able to hear myself threw both speakers. does anyone know how to change the settings so I can hear myself threw both speakers? thanks

Check your VST Connections. Make sure you have a mono input bus. Select this as the input for your audio track. It sounds like you might be trying to use 1/2 of a stereo input bus.