Cubase AI LE Elements upgrade help

I own Cubase AI LE Elements 10.5 and i recently bought an upgrade. The AI to Pro upgrade. However when i try to activate the license, the Elicenser says “No License to upgrade found. Please connect a USB - eLicenser which contains an appropiate license to upgrade to your computer”. I have the dongle connected and it shows up - how ever with a big red cross over it. Have i bought the wrong upgrade? what am i doing wrong? Please help

Is the license you want to upgrade on the dongle?

i bought the Cubase Pro, which is on the dongle. My Cubase AI LE Elements is not on the dongle.

You should move the AI license from soft licenser to the usb licenser (dongle). Then you should be able to upgrade that license.

You do it in eLicenser control app by selecting the AI license and dragging it onto the usb licenser.

Ok. So i did that. Now the Elements license shows up on the dongle. This however also has a big red cross over it. I still can’t upgrade the license.

You have your Elements license on your dongle but it still doesn’t work. Then it looks you have wrong upgrade.

But checking the online shop now it looks the upgrade to Cubase Pro from LE, AI, Elements… is the same.

Can you check what license you have exactly and what upgrade you bought? If those don’t match then it won’t work and you need to contact the support.

Maybe @Ed_Doll could help here.

I have contacted support.
Thank you for helping anyways :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it seems like you have bought the wrong update.

You have Cubase Elements. Correct?

You bought the Cubase Pro Upgrade from AI at a retail store or online retailer, but not the upgrade in the Steinberg online Shop. Correct?

Although the installer says Cubase Elements/AI/LE the license you have is Cubase Elements. The Upgrade from AI won’t work in your case. This upgrade box is for Customers that bought a Yamaha synth or Steinberg Audio Interface with Cubase AI.

Please get in contact with the retailer that sold you the upgrade.

Thanks. Will do. Do you know if there is an upgrade from elements to pro?

Yes, of course. Just look for it in the Steinberg online Shop or subscribe to the newsletter and wait for the next upgrade sales promotion.

I need to return the dongle in order to get a refund. I however moved my Elements license to the dongle. I can’t seem to transfer it back to my harddisk.

As you have sent us a support ticket as well, let’s discuss the options in that ticket.