Cubase ai licence

I HAVE CUBASE AI and cubase elements 12 ACTIVATED on my computer but only showing elements licence in e licencer - where is licence for ai and how do i show/see it


Cubase has not used eLCC since Cubase 12. What does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

Did you upgrade from Cubase AI to Cubase Elements license by any chance?

hi - i got elements with a piece of hardware for free.

So both licenses are shown there…there is no problem?

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What hardware, exactly? I have never heard of Elements being included with hardware. Normally it would be LE or AI.

One way or another, it seems you have your licenses in order. So …

Thanks Grim - indeed you are correct - i got ai with a mixer I bought and upgraded to elements 12. I have seen some deals online to upgrade from AI 12/13 to Pro 13 and just want to confirm i will be ok to do this with the licence i have

Thanks - but seeing much better prices for upgrades from ai 12/13 to pro 13 online

Yep…the upgrade from AI is exactly the same one as from Elements.
In theory you could upgrade the AI to Pro and sell the Elements license as they seem to be different licenses rather than an upgrade. Unless I’m misunderstanding why they are both showing.

Seeing this type of price online

Looks like a good deal!