Cubase AI license does not show up in the eLicenser

Hi, I installed the Cubase AI 12, which came bundled with my UR22C RP Interface, through Steinberg Download Assistant. It got installed successfully and works on my computer perfectly fine.
However, later I tried upgrading the AI to Elements 12 and it tells me there is NO License to Upgrade in the eLicenser. The AI just doesn’t show up in the eLicenser!!!
Both, AI 12 and Elements 12 show up in ‘My Steinberg’ under Steinberg Licensing-Based Products.
Both also show up in Stenberg Activation Manager. But for Elements it shows ‘Verification Pending’.
Can anyone please throw some light on this?
Chris DM

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase AI 12 doesn’t show in the eLCC. Cubase 12 is licensed by the Steinberg Activation Manager. Please, use the Steinberg Activation Manager to upgrade your license.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your warm Welcome and appreciate your quick response!
I forgot to mention that I had purchased the Cubase Elements 11 upgrade from AI but never used it before. I used the Download Access Code for the first time, it automatically upgraded to Cubase Elements 12. I did this through the Steinberg Download Assistant, which took me to the eLicenser where there is no upgradable software (AI 12) showing.
As mentioned earlier both, AI 12 and Elements 12 are showing up in the Steinberg Activation Manager. But Verification Pending is showing against the Elements 12 and expires on 8th May 2022.
Probably I may have made a mistake while installing the Upgrade.

I tried the verification Process sent by Steinberg, below:
Follow these steps to complete the necessary verification process now:
• Make sure that the license you want to update/upgrade is being displayed by the eLicenser Control Center on your system.
• An eLicenser Control Center window opens. This Activation Code **** has been filled in automatically.
• Click [Continue].
• Select the license to be upgraded.
• Click [Upgrade License].

But No Success!!!

Your guidance and advice will be highly appreciated.
Chris DM


I would get in contact with your local Steinberg support.