Cubase AI - MP3 export plugin

I just bought the UR44. I installed the included Cubase AI to try.
I will update to full Cubase a bit later.

My question is is the MP3 plug is include in full Cubase ?

If yes I will not pay now I will wait my upgrade.

Yes, unlimited MP3 exports (mixdowns) is a feature of the full Cubase version. So you would be wise not to buy it if you know you will be upgrading.

just to know, is it include also in Artist ?

It’s not included in the CB Artist but you can purchase the separate mp3 patch directly from Steinberg. I think it only costs about $15.00. Check that out and save some money if you don’t need the CB full version.

Regards… :sunglasses:

I have Cubase AI8 (not installed yet) and was thinking about trying it out…

So you are saying it DOES NOT allow exporting mixdowns to MP3 without buyng something?

Does it allow exporting mixdowns in ANY audio file format? AIFF?