Cubase AI needed for Yamaha MG10XU?

I purchased a Yamaha MG10XU from amazon and the Access code for Cubase AI was already used; so my question is, do I need Cubase AI to be able to output windows 10 sounds to my Yamaha MG10XU via USB? I’m using the Yamaha MG10XU for a podcast and need to be able to hear the people I’m talking to in VOIP as well as output XLR to my PC. All while having my headphones hooked to the phones plug on the mixer.


Cubase AI is additional software and is not required to use your Yamaha MG10XU, but I would strongly recommend you to return it if you bought it new. That activation code is worth 50 USD and you’re entitled to it.

Thanks for your reply! Is it required to do what I explained in the post? I don’t seem to be able to output sound from usb to the mixer

Also it looks like to even change the sample rate I need Cubase.

You need to install the driver for this mixer to change the sample rate. Cubase isn’t required to access any basic functionality, any ASIO compatible program will do.