Cubase AI upgrading to 7.5? Please help

Hi guys

I’ve just bought this package from Gear4Music:

It is the UR22 plus Cubase AI (downloadable file and licence) plus upgrade to Cubase 7.5 (included on DVD with an e licence USB plug).

Now I think I’ve installed this incorrectly…can you advise before I remove it.

I have installed Cubase 7.5 before installing the UR22 or downloading Cubase AI. Cubase 7.5 comes with an upgrade code but this doesn’t work in the e-licence program.

So I guess I now have to uninstall 7.5 and then install the UR22 drivers and download Cubase AI then UPGRADE to 7.5? Or can I leave 7.5 installed and just install Cubase AI and put my upgrade code into the e licence window?

Would appreciate your help. As you can see I found the whole installation process really confusing!

Also - despite installing Cubase 7.5 on my SSD it appears to have filled up my OS drive with loads of large vst files. Can I move these after full installation to keep my OS drive clear? I haven’t much room left on it now :frowning:



IIRC you need to first install AI 7, register it, then transfer the license from the soft eLicenser to the USB eLicenser (via the eLicenser software), after that the upgrade code to Cubase 7.5 should be recognized. For all that you can leave Cubase 7.5 installed.

Thanks very much for your help :slight_smile:


You can move the content, just don’t forget to create shortcuts to the new locations otherwise Cubase will not find them and you will probably will receive error messages about missing content.

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Hi aromadome,

FWIW you don’t have to install Cubase AI 7. You just need to enter the Download Access Code into MySteinberg which will create a Cubase AI 7 activation code, then use this code to activate the CAI7 license into your USB-eLicenser and then you can upgrade it to Cubase 7.5… confusing? yes, but you got a very nice deal from gear4music so it is definitely worth it :wink:

All the best

hi, i got this deal also, is it just an upgrade, not the full version?

I mean, could i install just that deal on my computer without a former version of cubase?