Cubase AI+UR242+ USB MIDI driver switch request ?

I was at a friends house giving a helping hand setting Cubase AI and his UR242 USB interface and Cubase AI. He has a CASIO Privia PX-150 USB MIDI Keyboard. Cubase AI seemed ok in the end with the UR424 but the moment we connected the CASIO “MIDI over USB” to the PC - Cubase AI asked if we wanted to switch driver to “Generic ASIO” driver which makes no sense give the Keyboard is not an audio interface and just a USB MIDI controller.

The Windows 7 64bit PC saw the CASIO keyboard in device manage under Sound, video controllers but Cubase AI 9.0.2 constantly gave an error message when attached. Tried attaching before booting and after booting Cubase and the same issues were experienced.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this might be ? Made no sense given they are 2 different devices and each driver should in theory communicate device type so why the Cubase AI confusion? Why would Cubase AI throw up a driver switch all the time and then essentially lock up.

Many thanks.

It is possible that an ASIO driver for the keyboard was somehow installed. Try finding it and uninstall it.

Then try this to get going…

Attach the keyboard to the PC USB port. Make sure the PC installs the generic driver and recognizes it.
Turn the keyboard on then start Cubase.
If Cubase asks if you want to change drivers, dont. Keep the ASIO for the UR242 active.
Set the keyboard to the “Local Off” setting. Look at the keyboard manual for this procedure.
Add a Cubase “Instrument” track.
In the inspector choose “All Midi Inputs” as the input for that track.
In the track Inspector choose a VST Instrument such as Halion SE.
Choose a sound from what is available in the VST instrument.
To record, enable the track “Record Enable” and “Monitor” functions.
To listen to what you recorded, disable the track “Record Enable” and “Monitor” functions.

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Thanks I shall direct my frind to this post… not 100pct sure it has local on/off as it seems to have very basic controls…it appears more a weighted electric piano with speakers than a kind of synth/controller.

Thanks for the responses nonetheless.

The setup I described is to use the keyboard with a VST instrument on a Cubase instrument track. The keyboard definitely has the “local on/off” (see keyboard manual pages E-20 to E-24) function so hopefully you can use it as mentioned.

Installing it as a stand alone external instrument is different. Probably best to refer to the manual starting on page E-25 for that setup. Looks like you would need the Casio ASIO driver for that option.

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