Cubase AI v10.0.15 EQ Graphics Glitch

Anyone else getting this EQ graphics glitch?..

As you can see, the EQ controls have “slipped” to the right, leaving control #4 almost inaccessible. Had the same issue with v10.0.10 and was hoping the .15 update would fix it, but it hasn’t. Tried resetting the channel and that didn’t work either. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Yes, this is an known issue of Cubase 10 and discussed here on the forum many times already.

Once Channel Settings Window is open go to Window menu > Windows > select Channel Settings Window from the list and click to Reset Window Layout.

Channel Settings window close. Once you reopen it, it should be fixed.

Thanks for the quick response, Martin. I did do a search but it came up blank, hence why I posted. Sorry if this is, therefore, a duplicate post!

I did what you suggested and it has fixed the issue, in so much as all four EQ controllers are now completely visible. Strangely though, it did this by making the EQ section wider, and not by moving the controls themselves back towards the left. So, the glitch is still glitching, it’s just been accommodated by a wider surrounding area.

Thanks again for the help, much appreciated!


Maybe if you switch to other EQ display and back, it will be reset.

The background of this bug is, the window was resizable in the past. Since Cubase 10 it’s not resizable anymore, but some projects have the sass stored. So if you load the project, the window resize (what shouldn’t) and you get into these issues.

Sadly no, I tried switching the EQ display and back again but it doesn’t fix the issue. I can live with it how it is now, at least the controls are fully accessible. I’m sure it’s something that’ll get addressed in a future bug-fix update. Thanks again! :slight_smile: