Cubase AI with Yamaha MG16xu mixer HELP

OK, we just installed a new Yamaha MG16 xu mixer, with the built in USB interface. We have a new computer also, which is a gaming computer, built to handle big memory operations, such as audio/ video and it’s running Windows 8.1 with the latest updates

Here’s my issues: 1. I can record sound, but there is no distinguishable wave form to view. Obviously, this becomes a problem when attempting to edit. 2. The recording experiences “jitters”, where it will stutter and skip. Although it’s heard on playback, I can see it “jitter” while recording. In older programs, one could adjust the buffers and usually fix the issue. However, I can’t find any sort of trouble shooting in the manual. I’m also finding a lack of info out there. Possibly due to the mixer being so new.

I installed an old version of Cool Edit Pro and it has the same issues, so I’m trying to decide if it’s the mixer, the software or (heaven forbid!) the computer. Hopefully just a setting or two, but I’m lost. I’m great at live engineering, but when it comes to DAW recording, I’m pretty much the novice unless it’s the basics and no “issues”. Please help!! Thanks!!

Sound card selection in the PC if you ask me

Goto cubase settings and view the recording device, adjust from there so you

A: are using the correct device via the Yamaha usb
B: have proper settings in place

I have cubase AI version 8 which was bundled with my Yamaha MG16xu analogue mixer on my old notebook. I have upgraded. I have a new notebook with windows 10 and downloaded Cubase version AI 10. I used my old software key that was supplied and then got an activation key. I’ve tried using the actïvation key, but it won’"t work. Should I download a different version?