Cubase Ai4 licence no longer works

I have an old version - 2008 - of cubase Ai4 that I’m quite used to using on my desktop PC. It now flags as having a cancelled licence and the app itself has to shut down as an “end task”. I’ve updated the elicencer and run maintenance several times but nothing changes. A few months back I bought a Steinberg UR-RT interface and installed the supplied version of Ai12 on a new laptop. Could this be why my old version of Ai no longer works? I find the information on many of these pages pretty hard to navigate with lots of seemingly conflicting info and advice. Any help would be much appreciated.

Please show us a pic of the Elicenser Control Center on the machine in question.

It might be as simple as reactivating your Soft Elicenser

Sure thing, and thanks for replying. Here’s the message I get on startup and here’s the elicencer info as it stands. I did download and install the latest version. Thanks again.
image (1)