CuBase AI5 Limitations

I’m new to Yamaha USB enabled mixers and CuBase AI5.

I have a couple basic questions:

  1. Is the mixer sending data from each channel or is it just sending the overall mix on the bus (Left and Right) audio over the USB connection to CuBase AI5?

  2. If it is only sending the left and right audio, do I need to only add one stereo audio track to do a simple recording in CuBase?

  3. I get an error when trying to export/mixdown to MP3, do I need to purchase an MP3 add on to save as MP3 or is there something free that I can use?

  4. Since I’m only doing simple recordings of my drums, is CuBase AI5 all I need or is there any real advantages of upgrading?

It depends on whch Yamaha mixer, but generally, the answer is yes, it’s stereo only over USB. You can check this by looking which VST connections are available in Cubase.


Depends on the error. Often the export errors because the locators are back to front. For free mp3 encoders you can use iTunes, LAME or Switch from

LE is a great learning ground. You should only upgrade when LE stops you from doing the more advanced things that higher versions offer.

Thanks for the help!