Cubase AI5 user - Mixer or Control Surface?


Am really looking for some advice. Should I buy a mixer or a Control surface?

I’ve a CI2, which I’ve been using with Cubase AI5 in a home studio set up with an iMac and has been great so far, yet feel I need a little more physical control over my input when recording and output when mixing.

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a USB mixing desk or a control surface but not sure which is the better option? My budget is around £300.

I’ve been looking at Yamaha mixers from the smallest versions up to the MW124CX USB due that they will automatically relate to Cubase AI - They all look impressive but not sure they give me the control I would like.

From the Control Surface side I’ve been looking at the Behringer BCF2000 which promises to link to Cubase.

I’ve been reading up on both sets and i’m more bamboozeled than when I started (Back when I thought a mixing desk would help me for both)…

Please help.

Definitely a control surface! You are not going to get any decent mixing console in that price range (multiple your budget with 10 and you may have some options). And within your budget you already have chosen the right one: the B-brand thing.

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