Cubase AI6/Yamaha THR10 Activation????

Hi there
I got this software with my Yamaha THR10 but there is not licencing code anywhere
And on one page i can register and use this product at no charge as it is.
Is there anybody to help?



To be honest, i’m not sure if I understood your problem correctly.

You received a CD with Cubase AI 6, is this correct? Have you installed the software?

If so, create a MySteinberg-account if not done yet.
Open the eLicenser Control Center that has been installed with Cubase AI 6.
Copy the eLicenser-ID (20 characters long).
Head to MySteinberg, click on Add Software -> Cubase AI -> Cubase AI 6.
There, paste your eLicenser-ID in the input field.
You will receive an activation code which you will now paste in the eLicenser Control Center (there’s a green bubble with a white arrow in the top left corner). Select your eLicenser and you’re done. You should now be able to open Cubase AI 6 without any problems.