Cubase Ai7 converting to SMF issue

Hi guys,
A simple procedure of converting Cubase .cpr to SMF ,in particular Type 0.
I have been working on a lot of songs and converted all into SMF Type 0 onto a USB. ( under Export options,I tick Export as Type 0)
With USB hook on my Moxf8, it played perfectly.
However,both Yamaha PSRS670 ,& Korg PS950 ,could not read my SMF from this same USB. !!!

Rechecked on the specs of Moxf8 seq formats: Original format,SMF format 0,1 (Format 1 load only)
S670. Playback SMF (Format 0 & 1) XF // recording SMF (Format 0 )
Tried loading the SMF to Garrageband, and it reads well, with multi tracks/channels ( seems to be SMF Type 1 )

aa/ It looks like Cubase Ai7 convert it into SMF Type 1, even I have tick as Type 0 . ( Pls help )

Tried to run on my PC laptop, running Van Basco, Midi player,…it fails to read.
Upon checking the files on my PC, the .mid seems to look with an additional ._ before a name of a.mid file.

I am lost,…pls help…Thanks in advance.

Apple Mac mini 2.3GHz/16GB DDR3 Yosemite
Cubase Ai 7 Ver: 7.0.8 (64bit)
Yamaha Steinberg USB driver
Yamaha Moxf8

It has been weeks, I have contacted Yamaha ( authorise support for Sternberg in Malaysia) and they submitted my problems with Steinberg.

I am in urgent need to convert all my songs to SMF and load them into Korg PA900 arranger keyboard for performance.

Update what I have done in many ways to solve it:
1/ Tried Export SMF from Cubase as Type 0 and Type 1 , un click markers, etc…etc

Still the same; this SMF reads well on Moxf8 and played. BUT , somehow this same SMF on same USB are unable to be read
by other keyboards, Yamaha PSR s models… Korg …even Van basic midi player.
However, viewing from Van basic player, at Playlist view, I can see two identical SMF titles.—

eg. One title with a ._title.mid & the other title.mid file.
Van basic can read the SMF - title.mid but cannot read ._title.mid file.

Somehow, after spending so much time on trying out and troubleshooting… it seems Cubase Ai 7
converts this SMF which can be read by Moxf8 , Cubase and Garrage Band ONLY.

Dear Steinberg ,Please help urgently !!! As time is very limited for me now.


SOLVED !, Noticed Cubase export SMF as
title.midi ( as default ),
Instead of title.mid therefore, the SMF could not be read by other instruments.

The funny thing was, that even local Yamaha/Steinberg Helpdesk and a friend who view my SMF on his PC, could not notice it,as well.

Probably, we all took it for granted that Sequencers should automatically Export SMF as title.mid
MIDI Export.png

Hello Richard 18 what do you mean what exactly? what do you do? i need to do de same and i don’t know all the correct steps to do, I got an MX61 yamana, i what to play some midi that i make in Cubase and also connect another instrumet to the yamaha