cubase ai7 elicense

I’ve downloaded and installed Cubase AI7. Opened the eLicenser control centre, run the maintenance and entered my activation code. I’m now prompted to select eLicenser and informed I need to download the license to a soft eLicenser. What should I do next? (I’ve looked at the FAQs and can’t find an answer).

billypilgrim - I had the same problem, getting stuck on the softcopy eLicenser. Steinberg support advised me to uninstall, reinstall, etc, etc. I didn’t want to go through all that, so I just purchased the hard key eLicenser dongle at Guitar Center, plugged it into an open USB input on my computer, and it worked like a charm. I was up and running in no time. Unfortunately, it adds another $25 onto your cost of the UR44, but it was easier than “hoping” the softcopy version will work. I think Steinberg should include the dongle in the UR44 packaging, and forget about the softcopy eLicenser.
Thanks, hope you get it working -


If you have nothing to select most likely an SEL was not created. Please do the following:[keyword_search]=SeL

Now you should be able to download the license.

Thank you