Cubase AI7 for UR22 Download Keeps Failing

I have purchased a Steinberg UR22 audio interface device and have registered the device when I created a Steinberg account online.

I have the correct Download Access Code and Serial Numbers etc. from the packaging box.

I have tried downloading the Cubase AI 7 file about 5 times now. The download starts OK, proceeds for a while, and then fails. Clicking “Retry” just fails.

The download of the 2.3 GB Zip file fails after about 600 MB, 900 MB, 1.1 GB etc.

My wired broadband connection is very stable and I have no problems downloading large files from any other site e.g. Microsoft.

I have tried Internet Explorer v11, and Firefox v26.

It seems the Steinberg server just times out and cuts the connection.

Is there a direct FTP Server I can download from? I have CuteFTP which has no problems downloading files.

Please help … thank you.

Google Free Download Manager.