Cubase AI8

I have a WINDOWS 7 x64 PC its already upgraded to WINDOWS 10 x64 and tried to install now Cubase AI 8 because I have got a Yamaha MOXF Keyboard with Download access code for CUBASE AI8 but unfortunately there are big problems with eLicenser Control Center and activation. Have got an activation CODE but I’m not able to acitvate it.
When I try to download the activation CODE , got the message “eLicenser Control Center funktioniert nicht mehr” - “elicenser Control Center doesn’ t work anymore”.
Tried already to deinstall and install E-Licenser Control Center more than 3 times and elc-installation-helper.
I’m not sure if that is a WINDOWS10 problem or E-Licenser Control Center issue.
I would really appreciate if someone can help.
Thanks in advance.



If your Cubase has been activated already, you Jave to reactivate it to the new system.