Cubase + Akai MPC2000XL?


I’m a total newbie with very limited knowledge of MIDI…

Is it possible to assign audio files in Cubase LE to the pads of the MPC? I would like to avoid any audio files in the MPC and instead record and chop samples in Cubase but then “play” on the samples on the MPC pads (like drums and basslines), using Cubase for sequencing. Is it possible and how to set it up?



you can use Groove Agent SE4, an MPC-style sampler that comes with Cubase Elements or above.

You can chop your samples in Cubase timeline and drag them to the pads of Groove Agent, then all you have to do is set a MIDI track with your MPC as input source and Groove Agent as the output destination

You might need to check the note mapping on the MPC, and customize the pad layout in GA4SE to match your MPC padbank, if there are presets for the MIDI mapping choose something like GM Drums and it should work fine

Good luck