CUBASE Al4 and registration problems

I just bought the used Yamaha MOXF6 keyboards and I got an unobstructed DVD with “CUBASE Al4”. During installation and registration I tried everything as it says on the “Cubase AI or Cubase LE 4/5/6 Registration Fails” page, but I did not get the activation code when registering. On the page “my products” with the elicitor is the following data:
Soft-eLicenser: XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX (number stored on a hard drive and bound to this computer) without the name “CUBASE Al4”
and below this notice: No products found on this eLicenser.
Is it helpful to be a licensed user of Cubase Al4?
(Win 7, 64 bit)

If the person who sold you the MOXF6 activated Cubase AI 4, he needs to move the Cubase license to an USB eLicenser dongle as explained here:

Alternatively, he can register the Cubase AI 4 to a MySteinberg account and give you the log-in information for that account, so you can reactivate your license.

The person who sold me YAMAHA MOXF6 did not use “CUBASE Al4”. DVD with “CUBASE Al4” was unobstructed, I first grabbed the wrapper and removed the DVD. No one installed this DVD before me or tried to register the program.

Please try following these instructions again very carefully, you might have missed a step:

If that doesn’t work, uninstall Cubase and the License Control Center, then install the eLicenser Installation Helper. Run the installer as Administrator:

Now, follow these steps: