Cubase Amazing Chord Track

As Cubase and Studio one are the only 2 DAWs to have built in chord track I’d like to hear your opinion on which are best and have more features. (like i know that studio one could detect chords from audio and cubase can’t) Studio one’s Chord track or Cubase Chord Track

Personally i prefer Cubase’s implementation because it runs through the core of Cubase deeper. i.e. Chord Pads (Real time playing of chords) and Variaudio (For pitch correction/colouring based on the chords played) are the two most obvious elements.

Also the MIDI insert effects are great for applying arpeggio patterns from chord track lead progressions more rhythmic.

For pitch correction/colouring based on the chords played??? How does that work. I might miss something here…

See here for example:-

If you work with vocals it’s brilliant for coming up with harmonies too, all in conjunction with chord track.

With cubase chord track you can drag the chord symbol to any instrument track and it will create midi containing all the chords with nice voicings which you can’t do in Studio one. Studio one allows you to detect chords from audio file which you cant do in cubase…