Cubase amplitube latency

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This is my first post on these forums so just to say thanks for any and all help you may be able to offer and furthermore, I hope everybody is having a sterling day.

My issue is a bit of an odd one and something that is baffling me to be honest. I have Cubase 5 updated to the latest version and I use the Steinberg CI2 and for guitar I like to use Amplitube 3. Today out of the blue, I turned on the computer and started to get latency issues with amplitube when opened in cubase. Like, ridiculous latency issues. If I open Amplitube standalone all is fine.The bit rate is set at 128. But the minute I try use it in Cubase, a delay of literally 2 seconds appears out of nowhere. I have been using this combo and these same settings for months without any issues and I have changed nothing in any of my amplitube or cubase settings. I am also working with a completely new project utilising the same settings as always.

Any help is very much appreciated.

You didn’t mention your system specs but, if on a Windows/PC I’m wondering if you did a recent Windows update. If so, restore your PC to a time before the update when the system was running good and see if the problem resolves.

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What is your Audio Interface please?
Could it possibly be set to Generic ASIO, which would have about that effect?
Open Cubase, Go to Devices/Device Setup & look at the ASIO Audio setup.
What do you see there?


I’ve not used Cubase or Aplitube in quite a while, but I’ve just set it up and experience exactly the same problem. I can’t find any particularly relevant advise elsewhere, and the initial question in this threat seems to deal with the same problem.

Was there ever a fix or an explanation found for this latency?

Any advise much appreciated!

Well, there were a few suggestions given but the OP never responded if the problem was resolved nor did the OP reply with any details for the system/hardware specs requested. So, if your issue resolved please post what happened. If not resolved please provide some system/hardware specs and we will see if we can assist.

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