Cubase and 3rd party digital mixers

I’m looking at engineering in a studio that has an Allen & Heath Qu-24 digital mixer. On the Allen n heath website they say it will work with Cubase with Core audio and ASIO and the midi control runs across usb to connect the faders to the software. Does anybody have any experience with this? They currently have Pro Tools working with it with a Mac and I want to install Cubase 10 Pro. I haven’t been there yet but I’m going tonight to talk to the owners and check the place out.

All I really care about is getting the Qu-24 to accept inputs and pass them to cubase and send the main out from cubase back to the mixer. I also want to use the mixer to send the input being recorded directly to the monitor mix with zero latency (not using the cubase monitor setup).

Any insight, general knowledge on the subject of using cubase with outboard 3rd party controllers, or advice will be appreciated.

I use PC on the home setup, by the way.

Thanks in advance!

Oh well, Its easier for me to get comfortable in pro tools than install cubase everywhere.

Embrace change–