Cubase and Ableton Rewire


Total n00b question here, but I’m considering buying Cubase to use as the master, with Ableton set up as a slave, but I don’t have the cash to splash on Cubase Pro, so I was wondering if Cubase Artist has the Rewire feature built in to it? The plan would be to use Cubase as the host (?), and to have various channels from Ableton going into it (mainly midi tracks for percussion).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Rewire is available in all Cubase versions except Cubase LE, which is an OEM version that’s only included with non-Yamaha/Steinberg hardware.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. SO with that in mind, my plan is to use Cubase as mentioned above, so probably wouldn’t use a huge load of the built in stuff in Cubase (apart from Loopmash), so would I be just as well buying Cubase Artist as opposed to Pro? What are the extra features offered by Pro over Artist?

Sorry for the gimpy questions, but I’m a bit of an idiot when it comes to this stuff (apart from Ableton hehe)