Cubase and Ableton

Dear All,
Hopefully someone could help me out here. I did bounce some wave tracks from cubase 6.5 to send it to a friend of mine to mix who is using ableton.

  1. I did bounce them all from measure 1 to etc
  2. I have a tempo Change on the 85th Bar on Cubase

Now after he did import my tracks to ableton it doesn’t recordnize the tempo change i made and all the tracks aren’t in the right place.
Any solution?
Please help me.
Thank you all :slight_smile:

so you mixed down all the tracks to seperate files yeh? and your doing this from the start of 1st beat of the first bar for all of them to keep it simple?

and sample rates in ableton match your mixdowns?

ableton wont just see the tempo change will it.

your going to have to apply a tempo change in ableton @ the 85th bar if thats where you made the change as i know nothing about ableton i cant help you their…but your friend should be able to?

I think Andy is right. You sent him bare Audiofiles which carry no tempo data at all. Ableton wouldn’t know what the tempo is unless A: it has tempo detection or B: you tell it what the tempo is.

Thank you for all the tips and I’m working on it now:)

Audio file cant transfer midi info, you need to draw it in inside ableton