Cubase and AI (Artificial Intelligence) propositions

AI features in Cubase ?
-A mixing and mastering engineer built in Cubase?
-A music theory advisor?
-A technical assistant?
No need to read the manual

although these in the past were science fiction now is everywhere, it is the next big thing
steinberg has to adapt there is no other way .,
and soon enough.
All the competitors must have something already , maybe also Steinberg!!!
and also cubase AI must change its name!, it’s getting in the way sorry.


No, please.


Yeh , i’ll turn Cubase on , press play and by the time ive made a coffee £5,000 will be in my bank account because of the Ai making, mixing, mastering and distributing all in the time it took to boil a kettle , great stuff , that means i can get on and do stuff that i actually enjoy (internet sarcasm) :upside_down_face: :coffee: :teapot:


The inevitable end is twofold:

  1. people won’t have to learn music to “make” music. Like FilterFreq wrote just press the button and it’s there for you. Makes people less skilled and overall dumber. But inevitable.

  2. as a result of this capacity streaming services will create music themselves using AI, because that way they pay for the hardware or AI service but not for the licenses to distribute music. Not only that, but how do ‘you’ as composers protect your work when an AI can spit out a million melodies and chord progressions per month and publish them with ownership attached? Are you going to be in the clear legally?

Wishing for AI is wishing for the race to the bottom to speed up as much as possible. Very little good will come from this.


it is inevitable just to assist not to replace the composer . it is already happening and please don’t forget music is an emotional state AI doesn’t have emotions so emotionless composers are at risk


Any musical composition can be expressed mathematically. I feel you’re painting yourself in a corner.

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That’s the only thing I can get behind, sorry.

Not a fan of AI and general “making life easier”. The absolute limit of making life easy to the highest degree is having everything cared for and just waiting to die. Sorry for the gloom.


You assume people care about whatever that distinction is in the created music. If they can even perceive it in the first place.

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This has been the basis of every mad scientist in history and it always ends with an "ooppss , i think we went a little to far "

I was curious…

So what mad scientists were you thinking of?

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How about AI assisted bug fixing for Cubase? There are still several left in C12…


Apart from that, there is already “AI” in Cubase. Well, not directly, but in SpectralLayer, which is part of the install. The stem separation feature is based on spleeter, which is a machine learning library developed by Deezer.


can love and happiness be expressed with mathematics?

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so who cares if machine like people listen to their music?

Composers have been composing just fine for centuries without the need for “AI assistance”… Lovely Ludwig Van didnt even need his ears to do it.


what about someone assisting you in the mixing and mastering process?

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Most likely. It’s chemicals being released in your brain. Nothing magic about it really.

Try getting out of the house and mingling with other musicians who actually understand what you’re trying to do… Start a band, go to some open mic nights, actually be a human and put in some work.

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I don’t understand the question.

Who cares? I’m not sure. I’m betting that future professionals in the music industry probably will care. Hobbyists who have nothing to lose?.. not so much maybe.

Don’t worry though, AI will f-up a very large amount of professions we take for granted today.

Likely, for better or worse.