Cubase and Akai MPK - 88

Just got an Akai MPK88 Controller. So far I like it but am having some issues with correct setup. I used Cubase template that came with MPK and it functions but w/some quirks. I need to use this in a live playing environment and the fader (volume) although working on a single track do not function correctly when I use on multiple tracks. Example track 1-3 (all active and selected. !. Vienna Imperial Grand 2. Omnisphere 3. Trillian all set for different midi channels. I push fader one volume responds. push fader 2 volume reponds on track 2 and shuts off track one and also moves volume on track 1 and 3. etc.
I am wondering if any one has a setup they can post or or has any solutions to suggest. Thanks!

Did you mapped the MPK’s encoders within the MPK to different midi channels too?

I think so, When I hit F1 (LED=Midi Ch1A) F2 (LED=Midi Ch2A)etc. That is on Bank one Bank two goes Midi 9 to Midi 16 that way. Bank 3 starts over at Midi 1. One more thing is that I am just using the USB connection, do I also need to use Midi Out to control these correctly? Thanks for the response, please let me know if answered your question correctly or if I’m misunderstanding. Like I said this is a new controller for me.

It seems like you set it up correctly on the controller side.
For the Cubase side, I think you need the Input Transformer on the seperate midi channels to filter out data from the other channels. You can find more info about the filtering with the Input Transformer on page 442 of the Cubase Manual. To my knowledge that’s the only way to seperate input. But maybe someone else has an alternative method.

The MPK is able to send 2x16 (A/B) seperate channels over USB.

Niles, Thanks I will give that a read in Morning. I haven never done any filtering so I maybe slow in a response back lol Thanks so much…will follow up with a solution when achieved (or not achieved) :slight_smile:

Niles I messed with logical editor and Input Transformer. I was able to do a lot of useful things with it/create transpose and velocity add etc. I have no idea about filtering any data that would effect the Volume situation I am having though. Do you have any ideas?

I’m no logical editor pro, but I managed to do the channel filtering by doing the folowing:

Set Function to “Filter” (at the bottom)
Add filter Target: Channel
Condition: Unequal
Parameter 1: 2 (This is the midi channel you would like to receive data from on the specific channel.)

To prevent filtering out note, pitchbend or aftertouch data you could add an extra line with:

Filter Target: Type is
Condition: Equal
Parameter 1: Controller

This way, only controllers will be filtered to specific channels.
Best thing would be to save this in a preset for future use.

On a side note, another nice thing you could do is split out entire note ranges, this way you can divide you mpk octaves to the independent VSTi’s. But maybe that’s a bridge to far at the moment :wink:

Hope this helps you a little.

Thanks you helped saved the river from a a falling keyboard lol. Filtering seems to work but you have me curios about “split out entire note ranges” If you care to share more knowledge that will be great…please post a link so I can hear your music also :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it works out!!
Filtering out entire note ranges is pretty simple actually.

Set Function to: Filter
Add File target: Value 1
Condition: Outside range
Parameter 1: for instance note 36 (C1)
Parameter 2: for instance note 60 (C3)

Now only the notes within the range C1 to C3 (actually B2(?)) will be coming through on that specific channel.
Nice litte tip: When editing you can simply hit the desired key/note of your controller (MPK) when the data field of Parameter 1 or 2 is selected in the Input Transformer. The desired key will be automatically converted to the right note number.

Keep in mind to use Local instead of Global, otherwise all the Midi channels will be affected :wink:

Thanks again!