Cubase and Apogee Jam+/Jam Plus

Hi everyone,

I am using Cubase Elements 9 with a USB-eLicenser (USB Dongle), this is working well.

Now I want to record using a USB interface (Apogee Jam Plus), and this is simply not working well.

This setup works on my laptop wenn I connect the USB-eLicenser to a particular USB port (USB 2.0) and the Jam Plus to a USB 3.0.

On my desktop I can’t find a configuration where recording is possible without glitches…

This is super annoying…

Anybody using Cubase and Jam+ here ?


How old is your USB-eLicenser, please? The older USB-eLicenser don’t work with USB3 very well. I would recommend to buy the nee USB-eLicenser and transfer the license on the new one.

Or you can try to use USB2 (active) hub and plug your USB-eLicenser there.

Hi Martin, Thanks for your reply.
My USB-eLicesenser is from December 2018.
I will try to connect it to a USB2.0 port.