Cubase and arranger midi setup

Anyone that is good with setting up midi controllers through cubase…

Playback off of midi through Cubase has different instruments on the arrangement compared to it being played on the keyboard locally, like trumpets replacing bass guitars… is that a Cubase issue or is it something i have to configure on the keyboard? tried a million things and i cant figure it out. thanks-

Yamaha PSR-A3000, Cubase 9.0.30, Windows 10.


Make sure your instrument (Yamaha PSR-A3000) is switched to the right mode, please. There are modes like Combi, Multi, Song, Patch, Voice, or something like this. Check you hardware manual to double-check, which Mode should be selected, if you want to use your hardware with multi-timbral option.

My guess is, you are using some kind of Combo (or Multi) sound on your hardware. These sounds layering the sound by using multiple MIDI Channels.