cubase and daw controller tascam dm4800

Is it possible to remotely change the layers of the mixer in cubase.
In logic it works great in cubase I can’t configure it.
See the movie.
Please help.


DAW Controllers don’t follow the selection this way on Cubase. You have to switch the Bank on the hardware.

Thanks for the answer.
Switching hardware makes work more difficult.
Maybe it can be configured somehow?


What protocol do you use for Tascam DM4800, please? Is it using Mackie Control protocol, or does it have its pwn component in Cubase? By default, there is Tascam DM-24 only, which is using HUI protocol, in fact.

Eucon controllers, like the Artist series from Avid, follow track selection in Cubase. Any other controllers, IMHO, are too annoying to try to use in Cubase.

Tascam uses the Mackie Control protocol. I configured Cubase and logic for this protocol. Logic changes the layers of the console cubase does not.