Cubase and Dorico Integration.

Just switched to Cubase 10 and discovered that the score editor has not been updated for years.
Given the fact that Dorico is a separate product, I am wondering to what level there will be an integration between these two.
Although Cubase and Dorico aim at different users, it is obvious that these worlds draw closer to each other, certainly for composers in the film industry.

This one comes up a lot…

What I would really personally like to see if the Cubase score editor was removed and replaced with a Dorico-lite - something so feature limited that nobody would use it for notation by itself, but good enough to make transfers from Cubase->Dorico quite easy. The Cubase score editor has many features that I think nobody uses because the UI is too awkward, so I don’t think they really need to maintain feature parity given that nobody uses it. I would love it if Cubase removed the score editor, replacing it with a Dorico-lite engine to quickly generate reasonable notation in a similar way to QuickScribe notation in Digital Performer, but kept the ability to do display quantize to override the “QuickScribe” feature when it got things wrong. A film composer could then write in Cubase, immediately get reasonable looking notation with the ability to override the display quantize, and then export as a .dorico file for import into Dorico full version to adjust other details and create parts.

Since some folks would write in Cubase and export to Dorico for notation and others write in Dorico and export to Cubase for playback control, any link constructed between them, since they are both Steinberg products, would be expected to work (seamlessly?) in both directions. That, I would imagine, makes linking the two products somewhat complicated.

That’s why I think trying to link them may be the wrong idea. It should be easier to replace the score editor in Cubase with a Dorico-based engine - it wouldn’t necessarily need to have much editing capability because expression maps in the piano roll could be used to set articulations and things like that. If it auto-formatted the score decently (like DP’s QuickScribe) and allowed exporting to .dorico format and .MusicXML format, I think that would be good enough for what most people need. Composers would still want to buy Dorico to do actual proper edits of the score, so the trick would be making a Dorico-lite in Cubase that removed enough Dorico features that composers would still buy Dorico.

Studio One and Notion work together. It can be done. If dorico is independent of cubase, then cubase should upgrade its notation features.

Been using it every day for years…it doesn’t print as nice of a score as a dedicated scoring app, but it’s the most flexible and powerful notation step input style composer I’ve ever used. The way cubase does percussion staves and is uber flexible in connecting it all to any instrument you like is simply the best in the business in my opinion. I don’t even have to touch the DAW to lay in a score…just keys and MPC pads and a nice big screen…can work from the other side of the room…

The thing that has to be borne in mind is that there’s a bunch of long-term Cubase users who have no interest or knowledge of Dorico. It wouldn’t be fair to them to “replace” the Cubase Score Editor with a variant on Dorico, because they know how the Cubase Score Editor works, even if its results aren’t particularly beautiful. “In addition to”, sure, but not “instead of”.

Nevertheless it is due time that the Score Editor is updated and to me a logical move to integrate Cubase and Dorico somehow, especially when the knowledge is there. The Score Editor could be given a touch of Dorico that is exceptable to exsisting users.

Shouldn’t updating Cubase be discussed on the Cubase forum? Although Dorico programmers might eventually be involved, the impetus needs to come from the Cubase side.

As a long time user of Cubase notation that has recently moved to Dorico, I can confidently say that Cubase can’t ditch the current notation and move exclusively to Dorico fast enough! :smiley: