Cubase and Faderport1

I have one of the original Faderports. The issue I am having is that it seems that every time I boot up my computer, I have to unplug and reconnect the usb cable from the Faderport in order for it to work with Cubase. It seems there may be an issue with the driver and Windows 10. The driver I am using is 10.0.17134.1, which should be the newest. Is anyone out there having this issue? Any suggestions?

Are you using the .dll that is included in the PreSonus "general use " download? If so you need to get the download made specifically for Cubase-Nuendo. Go to the link I posted here and go to the bottom left side of the page - you will see the file you need there.
When you extract the file it will give you the "Faderport.dll.
Open your “C” drive and go to Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 10/Components. In the Components folder delete the “Faderport.dll” that is in there and replace it with the one provided in the Cubase-Nuendo downloaded file. This should fix your problem…

Have anyone succeeded to make Faderport v1 (Classic) working in Native mode on Mac OS X?

I have the original faderport working fine on cubase 10 and windows 10. I had to update the firmware and disable midi in on Mackie Hui

Ok, so it has happened again. It seems that sometimes after Windows boots up, it wont see midi in from the Faderport until I unplug and re-plug the midi (usb) cable. After that everything works well until I shut down and then there is a chance that it “might” work the next time. I am sure that this is not a Cubase issue. I think that the Faderport driver is hit or miss on my system.

I have one of the original faderports. I never have to unplug it. Mine is also connected via a powered 10 port usb hub that is full.

Are you running Windows 10?

I have been able to get Cubase 10 to work on Mac OS X 10.13. It now shows FaderPort on the device list. It wasn’t there in 9.5 but it is there now. I have the FaderPort Classic and has the original firmware. I am not sure if was in the Cubase 10 load or the newest control software in the Presonus site that added the control file.