Cubase and Icon Controlers

Any Icon Qcon or G2 users out there? Is there a page for this already?


In Cubase 8 it was using the Mackie Control protocol.

I’ve been using a Qcon G2 and loving it after setting it up right. Wondering if there are some power users out there who could clarify a question regarding two way communication between Cubase and the Qcon.


What is the question, please?

Until last year I used the QconPro for several years. Then one day last summer it broke…the only thing left was the scribble strip lighting up solid blue. I was told by Icon, that the only remedy would be replacing a small circuit board if, and that’s if they still had them in stock. Personally my workflow is much more dependent upon Metagrid, and for mixing I bought a Behringer 1-touch.

The only issues I had through the life were adjusting the noise of the sliders and their response time.

Anyway as said it uses Mackie Protocol and is similar to the Mackie MCU.

What seems to be the problem?

No problem perse. It’s a question of workflow, touching the fader on the Qcon selects the corresponding track in Cubase, but selecting a track in Cubase does not bring it up on the Qcon.
The people at Icon said it was just the way Cubase was designed, and I was wondering if some Cubase user found a workaround for that.

Yes, this is a common complaint. I believe you are discussing auto-bank.

Auto-bank example: Assuming track 1 in Cubase is focused and track 1 is focused on the Icon. Then focus track 99 in Cubase. What happens on the Icon? It doesn’t auto-bank to track 99. Instead you have to manually press the bank button like 9 or whatever times to get to track 99.

The people at Icon are right. It’s a MC Protocal that each DAW developer should accept and make sure it’s working. Logic did that a while back. Currently, with Cubase and the new MIDI control, there are users starting to create these templates on their own, that fix the auto-bank problem. All this is fairly new within the past year with Cubase.

Find the threads here, then ask if auto-bank is implemented in whatever template has been developed. And naturally, also ask the drawbacks if any…

Fwiw, when you press track 99 in Cubase, I think you should see a focus indicator go out on your Icon because now the focus is track 99. So it technically the Icon does switch to track 99…it just doesn’t auto-bank to track 99. Once you repeatedly press the bank button I think you will find that indicator at track 99.

Thanks for this very thorough explanation. I do realize this is a niche issue, and had little hope that anyone would know anything about it. I was wrong.