Cubase and IK Multimedia TRacks

there’s one thing I don’t understand when I use IK Mulimedia TRacks in Cubase. When I set chain e.g. EQ, Compressor and the last Cipper in mix bus insert slots and set the output level on -0.1 the signal exceeds this level and overloads even to 0.6!!! I wrote to IK support and here the answer: “I checked this out in cubase also and I think its correct, what I think is going on is cubases meters show more detail and you can probably getting intersample peaks showing in cubase and not in the clipper”.
I don’t quite understand it, what are intersample peaks? Does anybody experienced similar problem?

Does anyone has T-Racks 3 Deluxe and has experienced same problem which I described in previous post?

In which insert slot are you using T-Racks? Are your Cubase meter settings on post fader…? Cubase does not detect intersample peaks.

For Clipper I use 7th slot, in 8th I have UV22HR (dither), but when I put Clipper to slot 2-6 result’s the same. In first slot I have compressor. Cubase meter are set on post fader mode. Fader is on 0.0 level.