Cubase and it's DEMAND to use Aero theme on PC!!

Why did Cubase do this? The problem I am having with it is that the top border of the Project window is transparent - and - all the pull down tab listings are in small black print (against a transparent blue in my case), making things bloody hard to read. This the biggest visual issue that I have with Cubase 9. Is there a way to make the Project header a solid color? Or black it out like WL9? Any help here would be much appreciated, thanks!

Aero is required for Cubase to run at full performance, and some interface elements don’t render correctly with it off.

You can turn off Aero transparency by going to Control Panel -> Personalization -> Window Color. This will also make Windows slightly more responsive.
You can also pick a custom color here if things are still hard to read.

Wow, this was a big help! Thanks Romantique!