Cubase and Kontakt MIDI playback seems stuck

Hi guys,
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Your help please.

I’m using Kontakt 5.8 as a VSTi in Cubase Pro 10. This is something I have done for a number of years with previous versions of Cubase. This is why I find it a little strange as I’m sure I have not had this particular issue before. :confused:
Some MIDI notes do not seem to turn off (but others are fine) and so either build up and up… or if the notes are at the last part of a piece, do not turn off until playback it stopped. However, if I play manually there doesn’t seem to be a problem. :confused:


  1. I load my Kontakt 5 VSTi and select my synth from my library
  2. Select my input routing in the Inspector which is Komplete Kontrol
  3. Turn on the Monitor
  4. I play a few notes on my controller to ensure connectivity
  5. I hear audio

So far so good :sunglasses:

I record a simple melody MIDI track
When I playback the notes sound but some do not turn off!

I don’t remember this happening before in previous versions of Cubase, so I went back to C9.5 (which is all I can do) and it is happening there too. :confused:
Is this a MIDI configuration issue? If so what can I do to check that my setup is okay?

Any one else experienced this? What am I missing?

Thanks for reading

I might be remembering wrong but I thought one of the recent Kontakt updates had a fix for stuck notes. Is your Kontakt up to date? (i.e. 5.9 or something not K6). Although trying out the K6 Player (free) might help to troubleshoot.

Hi Jaslan,
thanks for your reply.

Yep! I’m up-to-date. I double-checked before posting. I’m currently running 5.8.1 :slight_smile:
I want to stick with K5 for a bit as this is the full version.